Mutual Fund & Stock Basis Keeper

Quickly and easily keep track of cost basis for mutual funds and stock. This program tames the reinvested dividend problem.

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Microsoft Windows.


With the increasing popularity of mutual funds, you’ll spend more time calculating gains and losses for more clients. Making the calculations takes more than subtracting the purchase price from the sales price. It’s essential that you don’t lose the reinvested dividends’ basis.

Now there’s a fast way to calculate accurate gains and losses keeping the reinvested dividend basis - using the new DTS™ Mutual Fund & Stock Basis Keeper for Windows.

This program keeps track of the cost basis for mutual funds and stocks. At the end of the year it prints an attachment to the client’s Schedule D showing gains and losses grouped by the appropriate holding periods.

With the straightforward Windows interface, entering data and making the calculations are a snap!

  • Works for multiple clients and multiple portfolios.
  • Calculates three approved basis methods:

-- Specific Identification


-- Average Cost - Single Category

  • Makes adjustments for stock splits and dividends.

Designed To Correctly Report Mutual Fund and Stock Transactions: To correctly calculate stock basis, you need to keep track of all the reinvested dividends. This program makes easy work of this often frustrating requirement. If you choose to ignore reinvested dividends, your client will pay too much tax.

Designed For Maximum Flexibility -- You can have unlimited numbers of taxpayers, portfolios and securities.

Easy To Enter Inputs For The Most Common Transactions -- Buys, Sells, Reinvested Dividends, Stock Splits and Stock Dividends. You can easily Undo transactions you entered by mistake.


    Taxpayer Listing -- Lists taxpayers with their related portfolios that are in the system.

    Security Listing -- Lists the securities, security symbols and CUSIP numbers, if any.

    Security Transaction Report -- This shows the transactions you entered into the system. This can be compared to the documentation that the mutual fund or broker sends you.

    Basis Analysis -- A schedule which shows how the basis for the securities was arrived at. This is excellent documentation for the workpapers.

    Schedule D Attachment -- Attach this to the tax return exactly as it comes off the printer. New For 2006 - this program will create an Excel compatible file that can import stock sales directly into the better tax preparation programs.  See for yourself! Download a sample file, and import it into your tax preparation program.

Great For Planning -- You can use different basis methods to see which will give the best results.

Network Ready -- The program is ready to run on a network.

For more comprehensive information, you can download the program's manual.



Current Version (BK2006.10)

Released: 7/24/06

This version can create a Schedule D attachment file that can be imported into the better tax preparation programs.  This way you don't have to print a Schedule D attachment and attach it to the tax return.

Version BK2005.20

Released: 9/27/05

Basis Report: Added an option to exclude securities that had no basis on the report end date. For many customers, this will save lots of paper.

Basis Report (Detailed): Included a grand total for the Total Basis column. This number amounts to the taxpayer's combined basis for all securities.

Extra error checking was added for all dates.

The program "remembers" the users preferences from the last time the program was run. This makes the program function more intuitively.

Eliminated error situations where the Portfolio name or the Security name was blank.

Eliminated the error situation where a security had no basis, but number of shares was less than 1, but not zero.

Added a routine to shorten the optional 2nd line for a security if it was long enough to cause an error.


File Location Utility

There are some rare instances where the Basis Keeper can't designate file locations properly. This is a "Catch - 22." If the Basis Keeper aborts because the file locations are invalid, you can't use the Basis Keeper's Designate File Location routine to correct the problem.

We have created the File Location Utility, fl0110.exe (191kb), that can be downloaded, installed and run to solve this problem. Once you have run the File Location Utility, FileLoc.exe, and the Basis Keeper is finding the data in the right folders, you can delete FileLoc.exe.

Version BK2005.10

Released: 9/2/05

Fixes error 339 situation caused by Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Version BK2001.12

Released as patch: 2/10/2001


  1. Error 6 when running the Schedule D Attachment or the Basis Analysis with the Schedule D Report.
  2. The Transaction grid does not change if a security that had no transactions is selected.
  3. Error 76 that users get if they specify a path that can't possibly exist.
  4. Error 3078 can can occur, but this is unusual.

Download and run this patch file, p20112.exe (483kb). This download should take 1 - 2 minutes. It will convert version BK2000.21, BK2000.22,  BK2000.23,  BK2001.10 or BK2001.11 to BK2001.12.


Version BK2001.10

Released as patch: 1/8/2001


  1. Fixes problems with the Compress and Repair screens..
  2. "Can't Be A Zero Length String", error 3315, in version BK2000.23 for files created with version BK98.10.

Version BK2000.23

Released as patch: 10/24/2000


  1. "Illegal Use Of Null", error number 94, in version BK2000.21.
  2. "Can't Be A Zero Length String", error 3315, in version BK2000.21 and BK2000.22.

Version BK2000.21

Released: 10/10/2000

Full 32 bit version. Optimized for Windows 95, 98, NT (Ver. 4) and 2000. This version is faster than the prior version. Because this version is so much different than the prior versions, technical support of prior versions will be limited.

Version BK2000.10

Released 6/16/2000.

This version fixes a printer related problem with versions BK1999.10 - 1999.21. With those version the left most characters on printed reports would not print using some printers. This update fixes that.

Within several weeks we will be sending out replacement programs to qualifying users of versions BK1999.10 - 1999.21.


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