C vs. S Corporation Analyzer

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     The DTS C Vs S Corporation Analyzer will be able to answer these
and other questions regarding the bottom line tax costs or savings of S
Corporations.  You can use S Corps as tax savings vehicles, if the
company is running losses, if the company is a personal service
corporation, if there are unreasonable compensation or accumulated
earnings issues, etc.  S Corps can also have tax costs due to higher
individual rates, fringe benefits taxable to shareholder/employees, etc. 
There is also an aggravation factor for you and your clients in dealing
with S Corps, and the aggravation better be justified with tax saving.

     You can figure out what the savings or costs of being in a S
Corporation is.  You prepare two complete tax projection for the
corporation and every shareholder.  One projection would assume that
the corporation is a S Corp, and the other projection would assume the
corporation is a C Corp.  You would have to consider all sorts of items,
to name a few, fringe benefits, §1231 limits, capital loss limits, various
itemized deduction limits.  This is very time consuming.  It will take hours
to do.  The C Vs S Corporation Analyzer does this for you in seconds.

     Some of our customers tell us that they use this program annually for
each S Corp client.  The program is so reasonably priced that, after
charging a modest fee for computer time, the program has paid for itself
many times over.  Run this program for your C Corp clients to see if they
should switch to S Corps.


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