529 Plan? Education IRA? - Answer Your Questions With The Education Funding Planner 

  • Determine whether the student is better using an Education IRA or 529 Plan vs. Traditional Gift Giving vs. Waiting Until The Last Minute.
  • Determine how much per month needs to be saved using the Education IRA – 529 Plan and using Traditional Gift Giving.

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Current Version
System Requirements


Current Version

Most current version: EDU2001.11
Release Date: 7/12/2001


Microsoft Windows.

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  • Quickly and easily show clients how to fund their child’s education. 

  • Retain your valuable professional staff by providing tools to help make them more effective and productive.

Because the options to finance education have changed, you have a new opportunity to generate income as a financial advisor. As clients turn to you for help making educational funding decisions, you can turn to the DTS Education Funding Planner for fast, easy and accurate answers.

The old Education IRA and 529 Plan law vs. the new one.

As you know, under the old laws, Education IRAs and 529 Plans (Qualified Tuition Programs) were often good ways to fund education. The new law has created even better deals — but the truth is, not everyone can benefit from them. What is the best option? Let the DTS Education Funding Planner find it. 

The old law limited contributions to $500 and they applied only to higher education. Now your clients can put $2,000 in an Education IRA and use the funds to pay for kindergarten through graduate school! With 529 plans, families pay no tax on payments for qualified higher education expenses. This is a huge change.

Wealthy clients might be better off with no plan.


However, as good as this sounds, for very wealthy clients, with a high rate of return on either their investments or their business, no plan at all might be better. The DTS Education Funding Planner shows you and your clients which option is best.


Is the aggravation of an Education IRA or a 529 Plan worth it?


Not only will this smart, convenient analyzer determine how much clients need to pay and how much they save with an Education IRA or 529 Plan, but it determines if the plan is better than the traditional option of funding education by giving gifts in the child’s name. For clients already using an Education IRA or 529 Plan, you can show them how much they are saving. For a sound comparison, the program even includes the present value of the payments.


Generate impressive client presentation reports.


With the extensive reports this program generates, your client’s will think you spent hours preparing them. They include all the critical information needed to evaluate education alternatives.

  • How much needs to be paid to finance future education costs.

  • How education costs can be expected to increase with inflation.

  • How Traditional Gifting Programs, Education IRA – 529 Plans and Waiting Until The Last Minute compare using cashflows and present value analysis.

  • How much to invest each month, with the various methods, to hit funding targets.

  • A one page Summary Report showing elements on which the decision is based.

  • Numerous year – by – year analysis in the Detailed Report showing the source of the numbers on the Summary.

Order & Download Now! Special discounted price through 4/30/2022 $65. Regular Price $119. (4,655 KB Approx. 1 minute download)

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Detailed Education Funding Analysis:

  • How education costs are expected to inflate each year.

  • The cashflows related to using an Education IRA or 529 Plan, Traditional Gift Giving and Waiting Until The Last Minute. This is shown on a year – by – year basis.

  • The present value of each year’s cashflows and the total present value for each type of plan.

  • The monthly funding requirement needed to finance the education cost target for each type of plan.

Summary Report

Page 1 of this report concisely compares the differences between the types of plans. This page shows what plan is better, and by how much. Page 2 of this report explains terminology.


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Preparing this report is easy with the following simple inputs:





Optional Second Line

Date Of Birth

Current Year

Age When Educational Payments Start

Number Of Years To Fund

Name Of School




Cost Of One Year Of Education Now

Amount Of Funds Already Accumulated

After-Tax Discount Rate

Pre-Tax Rate Of Return On Education Funds

Parent’s Tax Rate

Student’s Tax Rate


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Current Version EDU2001.10 (Released 6/26/2001)

Initial release.

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Let DTS Do The Computations For You

Contact DTS to have us prepare an education funding analysis for you. You can email us or call us at 1-800-326-6686.


Download a demo, dedu0111.exe (4,645kb), of this program.

Download or view the manual, manedu.pdf.


After 2001, 529 Plan distributions will be tax - free if used for the proper education cost.

After 2001, Education IRA maximum annual limits go from $500 to $2,000.

Value Billing Recommendation

$79 - $149 Per Computation

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