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4 MB of RAM (recommended).
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     If you work for an accounting firm or do financial planning, this
program is a guaranteed time saver.   You can have DTS Financial
Tools solve nine different types of financial problems.  This program 
can be your Swiss Army Knife when it comes to solving financial

     The Stock Price -- Reality Check gives you an approximate idea of
whether the future cashflows derived from a stock can justify the
present price.
     The Net Present Value & Internal Rate Of Return analysis gives you
the tools to look at either a personal or business investment which has
future cashflows that are likely to fluctuate.
     The Annuity/Mortgage Components that the program can solve for
you are Present (Initial) Value, Future (Ending) Value, Number of
Payments, Payment Amount and Interest Rate.  

     The Random Number Generator is useful in statistical analysis or

     If the Stock Price -- Reality Check was available in the 1960ís it
could have saved investors millions of dollars!  In the 1960ís many
glamour stock prices were driven up by, "Everyone else is making
money.  Why canít I?"  For instance, the only way that Polaroidís stock
price could be justified in the late 1960ís would have been if it grew so
fast that it would eventually exceed the year 2000ís economy!  An
analysis like what the Stock Price -- Reality Check does would have
warned investors that the price was too high.  The Stock Price -- Reality
Check can also give you an idea if a stock price is extremely

     You can use the Net Present Value and/or Internal Rate Of Return
analysis to make the right financial decisions.  This class of analysis can
answer the questions, "Is this a good investment?" or "Am I better to
buy machine A or machine B?"  If you know or can estimate the annual
cashflows, this program can give you the answer.  Cashflows can
fluctuate between negative to positive.  You can even omit years with
no cashflows.	

     Annuity/Mortgage Components can be used for clients, employers or
investors.  What will my balance be? The Annuity/Mortgage
Components calculations answer some of the most commonly asked
questions.  How much will my balloon payment be?  How much will I
save in 10 years?	

     The Random Number Generator is excellent for sampling situations.
If you want 50 invoice numbers between 1000 and 2000, this program
will do it for you.

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