IRA/Pension Distribution Planner


Determines minimum distributions for those over 70˝ and penalty free distributions for those under 59˝.

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Current Version
System Requirements

Current Version

Most current version: WIRA2014.10
Release Date: 4/29/2014


Microsoft Windows.

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    The IRA/Pension Distribution Planner will save you time if you have clients who receive IRA or pension distribution.  This program can help your clients that receive distributions before they are 59˝ and after they are 70˝.  These situations can easily lead to penalties.

     This program will save you time if you have clients under 59˝ who already need their IRA funds.  Use this program to calculate the maximum distribution that will still avoid penalties.  Avoid the 10% early distribution penalty.

     Your clients over 70˝ with IRAs will be facing a 50% penalty if they don't withdraw the required minimum distribution (RMD) amount by December 31, or, for the year they turn 70˝, the subsequent April 1.  If you make the IRA distribution calculation, you can't afford not to have this program to limit the chances of a 50% penalty.  It has been our experience, when banks or other financial institutions make this calculation, that they
occasionally put your client in a penalty situation.  When you catch a financial institution making such a serious mistake, you become a hero to your client.

     Some of your clients may have made smaller distributions than desired because of the Excess Distribution Tax.  The Taxpayers' Relief Act of 1997 repeals the Excess Distribution and Excess Accumulation Taxes.  The Distribution Projection Report can help you plan for the future now that distributions are less taxing.

     Over 1,400 accounting firms use the IRA Distribution Planner.  This program can perform its calculation in seconds. Those firms believe in the program and so do we.  If you don't think the program has paid for itself in its very first use, you can send it back for a full refund.

     You can view or print an analysis for each IRA.  The program will work for all combinations of beneficiaries, including Minimum Distribution Incidental Benefit(MDIB) situations.  This program helps simplify 42 pages of Regs!  In fact, the help screens explain the law when you are entering inputs.

Order & Download Now! Special discounted price through 12/4/2021 $149.  Regular Price $199. (5,249 KB Approx. 1 minute download [broadband])

For comprehensive information, download the program's manual.

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Current Version WIRA2014.10 (Released 4/29/2014)

Revised for Windows 7 and later versions. This version defaults to using the new data folders that are recommended for security and file permission standards.

Version WIRA2005.10 (Released 3/1/2005)

Revised for Windows XP and future Windows version. Microsoft made some changes to Windows XP that would not allow the prior version of the IRA Distribution Planner to run properly. This version solves that problem.

Version WIRA2002.10 (Released 6/12/2002)

Revised for the 2002 Final Regulations. The new life expectancy tables are included. For the 72(t) computation the program gives you the choice of using the 2002 life expectancy tables or the 1987 life expectancy tables.

Version WIRA2001.20 (Released 4/9/2001)

Same as WIRA2001.10, except this includes the Calendar Year Summary and Projection report. Those that have paid for version WIRA2001.10 will be sent this version free.

Version WIRA2001.10

Includes Required Minimum Distribution computations as revised by the January, 2001 proposed regulations. For 2001 distributions, the program will compute the distribution both with the old and new laws.

Using the new regulations, the program can compute required distributions for those that died.

Version WIRA2000.10

This includes Life Table 90CM to compute annuity factors when determining pre 59˝ distributions.

From Version WIRA1999.20 to WIRA1999.21

We will be sending this update out between 8/11/99 and 8/19/99 to ALL purchasers of version WIRA1999.20. This update is too large to make available as a patch.

From versions before WIRA1999.20 to WIRA1999.21

This version is for sale at an update price from DTS.

From Versions WIRA97.30 and WIRA98.10 to WIRA1999.10

pira9910.exe (161kb) A FREE patch to upgrade from versions WIRA97.30 and WIRA98.10 to version WIRA1999.10. You must have installed the previous version for this to work.

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Download a demo, dira1410.exe (5,120kb), of this program.


IRS releases guidance for 72(t) computations with Revenue Ruling 2002-62 (435kb). More information on Revenue Ruling 2002-62 can be found on revenue-ruling-

IRS News Release IR-2002-50 Discussing the 2002 Final Regs

Minimum Distribution 2002 Final Regs (286KB or 154 pgs)

DTS Notes On The 2001 Proposed Regs

The Perpetual IRA?

"I used the IRA/Pension Distribution Planner this year to catch mistakes made by three major institutions." John J. Kristofik, C.P.A., Morristown, NJ

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