IRS Penalties -- The Most Common


There are over 100 penalties that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has in its arsenal.  As a practical matter, the IRS penalties that you are likely to be hit with are one or more of the following:

Pages can be written on each penalty.  As an oversimplification, we will devote a page for each penalty.  On those pages, we will describe how those IRS penalties are computed.  For each IRS penalty we will include a description of any way that the penalty can be reduced or eliminated (penalty abatement).


It is our experience that tax professionals have better luck at getting IRS penalties abated.  If you work with a tax professional, we strongly recommend that you contact them about any IRS penalty issues.  It should also be pointed out that no one can guarantee that an IRS penalty will be abated.  You don't know that your plea for penalty abatement will work until you have an IRS letter stating that they will abate the penalty!

How to get the IRS/State Interest & Penalty Calculator:

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We also consult on IRS penalty abatement issues and IRS penalty computations.  You are welcome to call us at 1-800-326-6686.

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