IRS Tax Transcript Analysis

You can get easily confused looking at a tax transcript.  Even worse, IRS employees can make expensive mistakes when it comes to assessing interest and penalties.  If the IRS says you need to make some real big payments, you want to make sure they are right.  The IRS is usually correct, but they can make significant errors.

We offer two solutions for you. First,  you can do the calculations yourself to double check the tax transcript using our software. Second, we can do the computations for you.

Proven Software To Double Check Transcripts

Our software gives you a tool that has been used to correct the IRS since 1986.  It has been our experience that the IRS will very frequently accept our software's computations without a fight. Frankly, the reports show detailed period by period interest and penalty computations that are hard to dispute.

If you have questions running this program, we will be glad to walk you through, keystroke by keystroke, a simple example (about 15 minutes or less). 

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Get more information about the IRS/State Interest & Penalty Calculator.

Let Us Double Check The IRS Transcript For You

If you don't want to make this computation yourself, call us at 1-800-326-6686 to double check the IRS transcript. Here is a sample of our work.  In this example, we found a $1,973.51 difference, but it wasn't that big of a deal. After all, that difference only represented 0.13%, since the assessed interest was $1,495,959!

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