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     There are more Like - Kind Exchanges, §1031, than ever before. 
Several changes to §1031 in 1991 are responsible for this increase. One 
of the changes in 1991 had to do with Qualified Intermediaries. Qualified 
Intermediaries, sometimes called §1031 facilitators, take a fee for turning 
what would have been two sales into an exchange. Qualified Intermediaries 
have actively promoted to accountants, attorneys, and brokers the benefits 
of §1031.

     You might be recommending a Like - Kind Exchange to your client.  A 
lawyer or broker might be recommending the exchange to your client.  Often 
§1031, are large dollar transactions, and your client is relying on you to 
explain the benefits and problems with an exchange.  Certainly, your client 
is expecting you to do the compliance work.

     This program will help you explain the cashflow cost and savings with a 
§1031.  The program will show the current year-after-tax cashflow savings with 
the exchange compared to a sale and a purchase.  It will also show what the 
after tax cashflow cost might be from a reduced basis for the new asset.

     This program will also help you with the compliance work.  You can use it 
to determine the Realized Gain or Loss, Recognized Gain, and Basis of the new 
asset.  It deals with the problems of loans on the properties, boot received 
or paid and exchange expenses.

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