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Finding information quickly via searchable PDF files may be the most important aspect of a paperless office.  Space savings and reducing paper use are the benefits that come to mind with digital filing systems.  Once your paperless office is in place, you will not be able to live without searching your files at work or at home the way Google searches the Internet.

The best way to make PDF files searchable is to build in that feature when you create the PDF files.  You need to use OCR (optical character recognition) software to create searchable PDF files.  Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Professional can create searchable PDF files.  Also, FineReader or OmniPage can create searchable PDF files.

There is a simple test to see if the PDF file is searchable.  (1) Open the file up in Acrobat. (2) Search (Control - F) for one of the words that you see in the Acrobat window.  If Acrobat finds the word, it is searchable.

If you already have lots of non-searchable PDF files, contact us at 1-800-326-6686.  We can give you a quote on turning non-searchable PDF files into searchable PDF (or OCR files).

Once you have searchable PDF files, you can use search programs like X1 Search or Google Desktop Search to search your computer or your network the way Google searches the Web.

Case Studies Searching PDF Files

Litigation Support

We were given a project to find why $437,000 was missing from a trust.  The person who created the trust also had 2 other trusts.  We found the distributions out of the trust.  Then we searched for those amounts in the broker statements of the other trusts.  Within minutes we found where the missing assets went.  If we were dealing with paper, this would have taken days!

Medical Double Billing

The owner of Denver Tax Software had knee surgery in 2003.  All of his medical records were scanned into searchable PDF files as they were created.

In 2006, one of his medical providers said that about $200 for a knee brace was never paid.  He searched for the name of the provider and the exact dollar amount.  Within seconds, he located the record that showed that the knee brace was paid for in 2003.  The knee brace provider was notified with an email that included a copy of the 2003 payment record.  Case closed!

Incorrect Colorado Tax Due Notice

In 2007 a tax client gets a notice than an incorrect amount was reported on the 2003 tax return.  The tax return was a searchable PDF file.  The tax return file was searched for that "incorrect amount".  The search found that amount in a statement that described why that amount was, in fact, correct.  That statement was then sent to the Colorado Department of Revenue to resolve the problem in favor of the taxpayer.





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