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Employee Auto Compensation Analyzer - Inputs

Quickly and easily determine how much should go on an employee's W-2 for personal use of the company car.

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Input Categories

It is easy to enter information for this program. In addition to the typical context sensitive help we make knowing what to input even easier. When your cursor is on an input, part of the input screen has a paragraph or more of explanation devoted to that input. You will probably not need to refer to the help box, but it is there if you need it.

The input for each automobile fringe valuation method is on a tabbed input screen similar to dividers on a notebook. The inputs appear in a logical order. First you enter information that is either general in nature or would be needed for computing more than one method. Then enter informtion for the specific methods. The order for those inputs starts with the method that is likely give the employee the lowest compensation for personal use of the company car and proceeds to the highest compensation method. The order doesn't make much difference since you only enter information for the methods you want to consider.

The input categories are as follows:

Initial (general) Inputs

  • Pick a filename. That way, when the OK button is pressed, your information is automatically saved.
  • Employee name
  • Employer
  • Vehicle
  • Additional information
  • Start date for vehicle use
  • Stop date for vehicle use
  • Odometer at start date
  • Odometer at stop date
  • Business miles
  • Did employee buy gas?
  • Gas dollar per mile override
  • Other costs
  • Employee reimbursements paid  to the employer

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Special Valuation

Special Valuation qualification tests.

Commuting Rule

  • Qualification tests
  • Number of one-way commutes
  • Override compensation per one-way commute

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Cents-Per-Mile Rule

  • Qualification tests
  • Override cents-per-mile rate

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Annual Lease Valuation (Automobile Lease Value)

Enter, if available:

  • Employer Fair Market Value (FMV) estimate
  • Manufacturer invoice price
  • Sticker price
  • FMV from a nationally recognized price source (Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds)

General Rule

  • FMV of the personal use of the vehicle to the employee

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Click The OK Button

When you click on the Ok button, the inputs will be automatically saved. The reports showing the value of the employee's personal use of the company car  can then be immediately displayed or printed.

View Sample Reports

Download The Manual In Adobe's Acrobat (.pdf) Format (533 KB)

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