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Employee Auto Compensation Analyzer - Reports

Quickly and easily determine how much should go on an employee's W-2 for personal use of the company car.

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It Is Your Choice

You can get a Summary Report  and a Detailed Report.

Summary Report

This is ideal if you only want to show for each applicable method what is the compensation for personal use of the vehicle. The report lists amounts for all 4 methods. If an amount is not listed for a method, the report will explain that either there were no inputs or the employee did not qualify to use the method.

This report is excellent to give to an employee who does not have questions how the W-2 automobile inclusion amount for personal use of a company car was arrived at.

The computations are not shown on this report, but they are shown on the Detailed Report.

Detailed Report

This is ideal for an employee who has questions why something was added to his W-2 for the use of the company car. The detailed report shows each calculation needed to arrive at the compensation for personal use of the company car. The employee will see that all possibilities were considered.

The Detailed Report is what you want to have in your files in case the IRS has questions how the employer handled the personal use of vehicles. This report shows every addition, subtraction, multiplication and division needed to come up with the auto fringe benefit.

Take A Look At The Reports

If you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, click here to view or download a sample of the reports.

View Sample Reports

Download The Manual In Adobe's Acrobat (.pdf) Format (533 KB)

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