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Sometimes called the Roth IRA vs. Regular (Traditional) IRA Calculator

Helping investors make the right IRA decision since 1997.  It is our experience that a Roth IRA is great for some, and a bad mistake for others!

Excellent for conversions to Roth IRAs from Regular IRAs (Traditional IRAs).

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WARNING! Our Roth conversion calculator is "industrial strength." It is comprehensive and considers the time value of money. Our customers are primarily tax and financial professionals. You can find free Roth calculators on the Internet. They are all associated with brokerage firms and websites that want to sell mutual funds. The purpose of those calculators is primarily to lure you into their investments. Coincidentally, investment advisers that work for brokerage firms that offer those same free Roth versus Regular IRA calculators have purchased our program!



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The answer is maybe.  It depends on the circumstances.  If you listen to some people, it is an open and shut case.  Yes, you will almost always see a better cashflow with a Roth IRA than a regular IRA.  If you don’t look at the time value of money, the Roth IRA always is better.

The situation changes when you consider the time value of money.  Some of your clients will be better off with Roth IRAs. But, many of your clients will be worse off with Roth IRAs.

If you crank out the analysis yourself, you will spend several hours to do the over 700 calculations.

Better yet, you can use the DTS Roth IRA Analyzer to determine whether your client should do a Roth conversion or contribute to a Roth IRA.   Let the DTS Roth IRA Analyzer make the 700 calculations for you.  In seconds the DTS Roth IRA Analyzer will give you your answer that would take hours to do by hand.

The program will compute all after - tax cashflows for the traditional IRA and Roth IRAs.  Those cashflows will be discounted back to the current year to properly compare the alternatives.

If your client is better off with a Roth conversion, your client will want to know why it is so worthwhile to pull existing funds out of IRAs and pay tax on that money over four years. What is that tax money going to?   Is it really worth it?  The DTS Roth IRA Analyzer's reports will clearly present to your client why or why not a Roth IRA makes any sense.

If your client listens to the "experts," the question may come up why you did not recommend a Roth IRA.   You can use this program to prove the "experts" wrong. For comprehensive information, check out manual.

What's New

Roth IRA Vs Regular IRA Analyzer

Conversion Tax Paid Out Of IRA Funds

The program gives you the option to have the rollover tax paid out of the taxpayer’s personal funds or out of IRA funds. With the prior version, if the conversion tax is to be paid out of IRA funds, the program used Roth IRA funds. The new version of the program uses regular IRA funds rather than Roth IRA funds. Retaining funds in the traditional IRA to pay the conversion tax presents a problem, "How much do I need to keep in the regular IRA to pay the rollover tax, the tax on the IRA distribution and any early withdrawal penalties?" The DTS Roth Vs Regular IRA Calculator answers this question for you. Go ahead. Try to make this calculation with pencil and paper. It is not a lot of fun.

With this feature the program, can not only be used to decide whether your client should invest in a Roth, but also how much needs to stay in a regular IRA.

Option To Not Make Distributions From A Roth IRA

Traditional IRAs have a minimum distribution requirement when the IRA owner is over 70˝. There is no similar requirement for Roth IRAs. Now the DTS Roth Vs Regular IRA Analyzer gives you the choice to see what happens if no funds are distributed from the Roth IRA.

The Program Works For Nondeductible IRAs

The prior version assumed that the traditional IRA had no nondeductible amounts rolled into the Roth IRA. The new version lets you indicate how much, if any, of the conversion funds came from nondeductible IRAs. Nondeductible IRAs are not subject to the rollover tax. Also, when the nondeductible IRA is distributed in the regular IRA scenario that nondeductible portion, which the program calculates for you, is not subject to tax.

Income In Respect Of Decedent (IRD)

The program computes the tax consequences to beneficiaries after the death of the IRA owner. For the Traditional IRA scenario this includes the tax consequences of both IRD and the IRD deduction.



Determine whether your clients are better off converting their traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs.

Determine whether your clients are better off making annual contributions to regular IRAs or Roth IRAs.


Roth IRA Cashflows

     This report presents the cashflows related to the Roth IRA.  Cashflows are totaled and Net Present Value is computed.

Regular IRA Cashflows

     This report presents the cashflows related to the Traditional IRA.  Cashflows are totaled and Net Present Value is computed.


     This report compares the Net Present Values and total cashflows of the Roth to the regular IRAs.  The Cost or Benefit for using the Roth IRA is summarized for both cashflows and Net Present Value.



Name of IRA Owner.
Optional Second Line.
IRA Owner's Birthday.
Spouse's Birthday.
Cost Of Capital.


Conversion Vs. Annual.
Contribution Type.
Rollover Year.
Conversion Amount.
Annual Contribution Amount.
Start of Annual Contribution.
Stop of Annual Contribution
Rate Of Return On Investment.


Year Of Retirement.
Whether Distributions Will Be Fixed Years Or Fixed After - Tax Dollars.
Number Of Years.
After - Tax Annual Distributions.

Tax Information

Year Of Estate Tax Payment.
Pre - Retirement Tax Rate.
Retirement Tax Rate.
Estate Tax Rate.
Beneficiary's Tax Rate.



     Minimum distribution requirements are met. IRA funds, if still available at death, are distributed immediately after death. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Current Version

Current Calculator Version

As of January 11, 2011 we started shipping the version RTH2011.10.  This version eliminates the 2 year spread for the conversion tax that was allowed for 2010 conversions, but not for after 2010.


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Sample Reports
IRS Publication 590 - Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)

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