Help Design The S Corporation Planner

We are still in the planning stage for this program. S - Corporation pass throughs can be a big surprise. The purpose of this program would be to alert each shareholder to the current tax consequences. You can help give us direction if you like. "What if" computations could be made quickly. 

Here is what is on the drawing board:

  • Enter S corporation pass through items - ordinary income, Section 1231 items, capital gains or losses, charitable contributions. Built - In - Gains and Passive Investment Income Tax items would *not* be considered.
  • Enter shareholder information before S - Corporation pass throughs - names, wages, capital gains or losses, Section 1231 items, SE income, other non - SE income, adjustments to income, state and local taxes, medical expenses, mortgage interest, charitable deduction and itemized misc. expenses.
  • The program would compute for each taxpayer, the tax before and after S - Corporation items. There would be a separate page for each shareholder to assist in keeping information confidential.


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