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Paperless Office: How To Setup A "Paperless" Office
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How To Setup A "Paperless" Office - You Can Do It And Save

Now there is no reason to invest in expensive integrated systems to manage
your extensive client and business records. This simple guide, one or more
scanners plus and some free, or inexpensive software can help you easily
transform your office into an efficient and secure paperless one.

This simple guide provides the following, and much more:

Three simple steps in getting your paperless office up and running.
19 proven tips to streamline the process of going paperless.
The 12 most common errors in this process.
How to cross reference existing Excel spread sheets.
What scanner(s) to buy and where to put them (the wrong scanner can increase scanning time by a factor of
How to handle your existing paper records.
Organizing hard drive, server and folders for maximum efficiency.
How your existing systems will work in a paperless office.

Delivery method: Download (886KB approx. 5 minutes)