New Product Surveys & New Product Questionnaires

New product surveys via the Web have increased the quality and quantity of questionnaire responses, and Web based new product questionnaires have dramatically slashed the cost.

Our surveys have given us a competitive advantage over our competition. We know what our customers want to buy. That is the difference between making money or going out of business.

Lets face it, developing, designing and marketing products or services that won't result in sales is expensive.

Listening to customer suggestions can put you out of business! The customers that make the most noise about new product suggestions or product enhancements might not represent what your customer base wants. Customer suggestions are only a starting point.

New product surveys provide the direction you need before you invest resources in new product development and new product marketing.

A new product questionnaire can also be used to determine what features should be included in a new product. Do your customers like red widgets or blue widgets?

New product questionnaires that are Internet based result in much faster responses, much higher response rates and much lower total and per response costs.


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Compare the costs between paper based surveys and Internet based surveys:

Internet Based Survey Paper Based Survey
Number "sent" 1,700 1,500
Survey design $300 $300
Typesetting 0 45
Printing: 1 page, 2 sided & business reply envelopes 0 250
Mailing or emailing 100 555
Folding, stuffing & labeling @ $14/hr 0 125
Business Reply Postage 120
Tabulation of results 240 120
------- -------
Total Cost $640 $1,515
======= =======
Responses 400 200
Cost Per Response $1.600 $7.575
======= =======

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