Converting Visual Basic 3 To A Newer Version

An Expensive Time Consuming Process

In early 1999 we began converting applications developed in Visual Basic 3 to Visual Basic 6. Previously when we converted from one version of Basic to another it was relatively simple. These conversions were painful.

The first program that we converted took over a month to convert. Some controls wouldn't work. Some controls had to be replaced. Data files created in VB3 wouldn't work without extensive manipulation in VB6. It was a mess. When we should have been developing something new, we were converting our legacy programs to run as 32 bit programs. It was something we had to do, but it didn't help sales. Fortunately, from what we learned, we can now do the conversion, in most cases, in less than one week.

We took notes, which you are welcome to view. Those notes were meant for internal use, but, if they can help someone else, be our guests. Keep in mind that it is not a polished document!



The conversion to VB.NET from VB6 will be even more time consuming.

Conversion from VB3 to VB.NET is difficult.  The prime concern in this conversion is to save your data while creating a new program.

If you would like to talk to us about converting your Visual Basic 3 program, please ask for Dave at 1-800-326-6686 or email us at (Remove the "DTS" from the email address. That was added to confuse spammers!)

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