How To Solve The Microsoft Word Mail Merge Header File Problem

"The Office Open XML File cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents"

Starting with Word 2007, this is the error message that you might see if you have a mail merge header file and a mail merge data file. Before Word 2007, it was very convenient to have a separate mailmerge header file from your mailmerge data file.

Note – in some instances you do not see this error message. Instead, Microsoft Word wants you to reconfigure the mail merge information in a "Header Record Delimiters" screen. This defeats the purpose of using mailmerge!

The solution to this problem is to only have one mail merge data file. The first row of the data file should be the header information. This may be a huge headache, if you already have systems that work with separate data and header mailmerge files.

A Work Around To The Word Mail Merge Header File Problem

We have created a program that will insert your header information into your mail merge data file. All you have to do his email us your header file and a sample of your mail merge text data file. We will send you a customized program that will add the header information to your mail merge text file. There is no charge for the initial program, but you can only use it 5 times for free. After that, you can order an unlimited use version of the program for $249.

For more information, contact Dave at 1-800-326-6686.

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