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Appreciate your help.
Was able to reconstruct appx (close enough) basis for a client who received
telephone shares from his mother who died in 1969.
Will allow us to make a few changes to eliminate some of the small odd lots
received over the years and improve structure of account overall.
Thanks again,

Jack Reuter

Thank you for creating a fantastic product!  Your "AT&T Family" cost basis calculator was the ideal tool for figuring out cost bases for my AT&T stock purchased before the Baby Bells divestiture.  I am not an accountant, so I also appreciated your fast response support in answering the questions I had.  I could not have accurately calculated my cost bases without your valuable software. 

Thanks again,

Bob Rohrbach,

Just pointed a fellow So.Fla. CPA in your direction for AT&T product. My way of saying thanks for saving me so much time this past season -

Mike Waxman 

I received the AT&T Basis Tracker in the mail today.
The software worked like a charm. I had already completed the project from the down loaded version in about 15 hours.
Thank you.

Wayne Mushet, CPA, San Diego, CA

Tracker was the best program I could find to sort out the AT&T drip mess.

Jimmy Strother, Houston, TX

We have clients with AT&T stock.  I have even used the program to back into the original # of shares.

Edward LaBruyere, Jr., CPA, Moore & LaBruyere, LLP, Minden, LA

A difficult situation (AT&T mergers, spin-offs, and acquisitions, etc.) is made much simpler.

Michael Chaffee, Customized Computer Accounting, Troy, MI

It helped me to more easily calculate this information for AT&T and related stocks owned by an older friend.

Paul Bernard

...your software is a lifesaver for people that survived Divestiture.

Richard Duccini, former AT&T employee

The program ... is such an improvement over the spreadsheet that I built up that I wish I had found it ten years ago (or earlier)! It would have saved me a lot of work and would have produced better results.

Stanley Booker, Albuquerque, NM

I got your mail offer for the Divestiture Basis Tracker Update. I used your product a couple of years ago when my mother's investment broker sold a bunch of her communications stocks without considering the tax consquences .

The short comment is that your software saved my bacon, and I don't know what I'd have done without it!

Kathryn Wells, Los Gatos, CA

I ordered, downloaded and am using this software.  It is wonderful - wish I had known about it years ago, would not have so much gray hair.  Will take away a lot of stress when we sell at&t or spin off companies stock.

Gloria DuPuy
Houston, TX

Based on my use of TurboTax (Deluxe or Premium) this past March, I found your tracker software far superior, since it accommodates the actual buys and sells of real life investment history.  Intuit (if you are lucky), will provide a single cost basis number for a single buy amount and date - not good enuf.

Henry Dwyer
Chicago, IL

I found your software very very helpful in the project I was asked to do for an Uncle that retired from one of the Baby Bells in early 1990 and who kept limited records.  After much research I ran several tests using your AT&T Basis Tracker program which aided tremendously in getting the job done.

Tom Finnigan
Brooksville, FL

Love your ATT program.

Mike Waxman, CPA
Pompano Beach, FL

Thanks, for your response Dave. I'm dumbfounded that your program produced the results it did. Some of the stocks are correct to the letter of shares I now own….Let me reiterate, that I'm very impressed with your program. 

Lisa S., New York, NY

I'm very glad your product exists. Could not have done this on my own.

Lou Duff
Washington, DC

Used by "Google Answers" consultant.

I appreciate your help. This program has really helped me.

Jennifer H., Plano, TX

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