AT&T Divestiture Cost Basis Calculator

Quickly computes the tax basis for AT&T, the Baby Bells and the other companies that the Baby Bells merged into. 

Order & Download Now! Special discounted price through 4/30/2022 $79. Regular Price $119. Includes Verizon & Frontier Communications cost basis changes. Order licenses for additional machines.


The current version includes the Comcast and Frontier Communication splits.

News on the Comcast 2017 split.

News on the Frontier Communications 2017 split.

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    On 1/1/1984 AT&T had a divestiture. On that date, the owners of AT&T became owners of A T & T, US West, BellSouth, PacificTelesis, Southwestern Bell (SBC Communications), American Information Tech (Ameritech), Nynex and Bell Atlantic.

     If you have not sold out of any of those stocks, you now own AT&T, Nokia Corp, NCR, Teradata Corporation, CenturyLink, Vodafone, Comcast Corporation,  FairPoint Communications, Frontier Communications and Verizon. Note: Idearc qualifies for a worthless stock deduction in 2009. FairPoint qualifies for a worthless stock deduction in 2011.

         To get from 12/31/1983 to now there were 36 stock basis adjustments for spin-offs, split-offs and mergers and 24 cost per share adjustments for splits. This is what the AT&T Divestiture Cost Basis Tracker does for you.

      How to compute the cost basis yourself without using software.

      In addition to all the changes to AT&T and the Baby Bells that were beyond your control, you might have bought and sold shares in some of the Baby Bells and their family! That can complicate things more. The AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker also takes those transactions into considerations.

      The AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker presents in a summary how many shares you own and at what cost for AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya (sold 10/25/2007), NCR, Teradata Corporation, CenturyLink,  Vodafone, LSI Logic, Comcast Corporation, Frontier Communications and Verizon.

      If you want to know how the tax basis, number of shares and cost per share on that summary were arrived at, a detailed report will trace each security, transaction by transaction.

     Use this program to determine the historical stock cost basis for the AT&T family of securities.  This program has the basis history - mergers, splits, spin - offs, etc. - since December, 1963.

       You will find this faster and easier than any AT&T "worksheet."

AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker - Order & Download Software Now!  Special discounted price through 4/30/2022 $79. Regular Price $119. (3,011 KB Approx. 3 minute download [broadband])

News on the Comcast 2017 Split.

News on the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia.

News on the sale of LSI Corporation to Avago Technologies.

News on the Verizon acquisition of Verizon shares held by Vodafone. Vodafone owners get Verizon stock.

News on Qwest CenturyLink merger.

News on Verizon Frontier spin-off.

News on FairPoint Communications worthless stock loss.

News on the Idearc bankruptcy filing and worthless stock loss deductions.

News on Verizon spin off of a company that merged with FairPoint (Fair Point) Communications.

News on the Avaya taxable sale.

News on the Comcast 2007 Split.

News on the Lucent Technologies - Alcatel (Alcatel-Lucent) merger.

News on the Verizon Idearc spin off.

News on Agere Systems - LSI Logic (Agere - LSI) merger.

News on the NCR - Teradata spin off.

For comprehensive information, download the program's manual.

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Current Version


Most current version: ATT2017.10

Release Date: 1/4/2018

Order & Download Now! Special discounted price through 4/30/2022 $79. Regular Price $119. (3,011 KB Approx. 3 minute download [broadband]). Includes Verizon & Frontier Communications cost basis changes. Order licenses for additional machines.



Microsoft Windows.

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Assumed Average Cost (Average Cost Single Category) basis convention on sales.


Current Version: ATT2017.10

Release Date: 1/4/2018

Updated for:

Comcast 2 for 1 split February 17, 2017
Frontier Communications 15 to 1 reverse split July 10, 2017
Removed FairPoint Communications (worthless) stock if not already removed by user.


Release Date: 1/13/2016

Updated for the 2016 acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia Corporation.


Release Date: 6/23/2015

Revised the distribution Verizon rate for the 2/24/2014 Vodafone distribution of Verizon shares.


Release Date: 10/14/2014

Update for two Vodafone 2/24/2014 transactions:
  Vodafone reverse split
  Distribution of Verizon shares to Vodafone shareholders


Release Date: 8/12/2011

This update includes 4/1/2011 acquisition of Qwest by Century link.

Version: ATT2010.10

Release Date: 7/16/2010

This update includes:

  • 7/1/2010 Verizon - Frontier Communications spinoff.
  • Removes Idearc shares after 1/1/2010 (worthless).

Version: ATT2008.10

Release Date: 10/10/2008

This update includes:

  • 3/31/2008 Verizon - FairPoint deal.

Version: ATT2007.10

Release Date: 10/25/2007

This update includes:

  • 2/1/2007 Comcast split.
  • 4/2/2007 LSI Logic merger with Agere Systems.
  • 10/1/2007 NCR Corporation spin off of Teradata Corporation.

Version: ATT2006.10

Release Date: 1/4/2007

This update includes:

  • 12/29/06 BellSouth - AT&T merger.
  • 12/1/06 Lucent-Alcatel merger.
  • 11/20/06 Verizon spins off Idearc, Inc.
  • 7/31/06 Vodafone reverse split.
  • 5/27/05 Agere Reclass and reverse split.


Version: ATT2005.20

Release Date: 12/7/2005

Includes 11/18/05 SBC Communications acquisition of AT&T. SBC Communications later changed its name to AT&T.

This version also eliminates any position in AT&T Wireless after 12/31/04. This security was sold for cash in 2004.

Version ATT2005.10

Release Date: 2/8/2005

Includes 1/21/05 NCR 2 for 1 split.

Version ATT2002.30  (Works for 2004 AT&T Wireless sale to Cingular)

Released 12/5/2002.

Includes AT&T Broadband merger with Comcast Corporation.

Includes AT&T Reverse split.

Version ATT2002.20

Released 7/12/2002.

Includes Lucent spin-off of Agere Class A and Agere Class B shares.

Includes Dex MediaOne spin-off of US West (Communication) shares.

Gives the user control to pick the start and stop dates.

Initial Version ATT2002.10

Released 1/8/2002.

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AT&T Wireless - Cingular Sale
AT&T Corp Merger into SBC Communications. Tax Cost Basis Computations.

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