NCR Spins Off Teradata. Cost Basis Changes.

Teradata (NYSE Symbol TDC) Starts Trading 10/1/07

Teradata Corporation announced on 10/1/07 that it started trading on the NYSE.

Announced 1/8/07:

On 1/8/07 NCR announced plans to spin off Teradata.  After the spin off NCR will be in the business of selling ATMs, cash registers and point of sale devices.  Teradata will be in the data warehousing business.

This spin off will require regulatory approvals.  Thus, it is not yet known when the spin off will be complete.  It is estimated that this process will take six to nine months.

The distribution ratio has not been announced.  NCR was once part of the AT&T "family."

If you owned AT&T before the January 1, 1984 AT&T divestiture, you might now own NCR and you will be a shareholder in Teradata. Figuring your NCR and Teradata tax basis could be very time consuming.  However, if you have the AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker, this computation is done automatically.

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NCR News Release 8/28/2007

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