AT&T (or Other Security) Cost Basis and/or Share Tracking Services for Estates, Gift Tax, Probate & Divorce


Even though our software and services have been used for computing tax basis, we have also been called on to unravel complicated stock analysis for estates, probate and divorce. Here are some examples of what we have done.

Estate, Trust and Probate - Who Gets What

The Dad's will reads something like Ben gets the AT&T stock and Matt gets the GM stock. That sounded pretty reasonable at the time.

Dad passes away. Instead dying of with only AT&T and GM, Dad dies with AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, NCR, Teradata Corporation, Qwest, Vodafone, LSI Logic, Comcast Corporation,  FairPoint Communications, Verizon, GM, HP, Raytheon, Delphi, DirecTV Group & News Corp Class A. BTW, some of these are worthless.

Our services can also be a time saver if these securities need to be reported on a gift tax return.

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Divorce - Who Keeps What

The Dad purchased lots of AT&T before he divorced your mom to marry the Blond Bomber.  He continued to purchase AT&T after marrying the Blond Bomber.

10 Years after marrying the Blond Bomber, to no surprise to anyone, they are going through a messy divorce.  The Blond Bomber wants 50% of Dad's AT&T and all of the other AT&T related stock. She shouldn't get any stock that is related to Dad's purchases before the date Dad and the Blond Bomber married. Dad should keep 100% of the stock that is related to his purchased before they got married!

Who keeps what? Let us help you. 1-800-326-6686

If you want to try this yourself:

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Get more information about the AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker.

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