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Discover how easy it is to boost productivity, reduce unbillable hours and enhance client services with these DTS programs.  

These FREE Demos use all the features of the complete program, but the reports produced will be fictitious. However, any data files saved in the demo will work, including reports, when you purchase the complete program. 

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*AT&T Divestiture Basis Tracker, datt1710.EXE (3,011kb)

*Roth Vs Traditional IRA Calculator, drth1110.exe (3,400kb)

*Education Funding Planner, dedu0111.exe (3,993kb)

*S Corp Vs Partnership/LLC/Sole Proprietorship Analyzer, dsvp1210.exe (3,542kb)

*C Corporation Vs S Corporation Analyzer, dcsw1210.EXE (3,618kb)

*Withholding Utilities, dwhu0510.exe (2,526kb)

*Bardahl Formula Calculator - Accumulated Earnings Tax Planner dbar1410.exe (3,405kb)

*Alternative Minimum Tax Planner damti0810.exe (3,793kb)

*File Butler dfb0310.exe (2,384kb)

*IRA/Pension Distribution Planner, dira1410.exe (5,120kb)

*Social Security Benefits Planner, dssp1810.EXE (5,799kb)

*Employee Auto Compensation Analyzer, deac1710.EXE (4,326 kb)

*Lease Vs. Buy Analyzer, dwlb1910.EXE (5,753kb)

*IRS/State Interest & Penalty Calculator, dnt18110.EXE (5,001kb)

*Mutual Fund & Stock Basis Keeper, dbk0610.exe (12,312kb or about 2 minutes with DSL)

If you would prefer that we send you a CD with these demos, please email us at
"info AT". (We are listing the email address this way to reduce SPAM! Replace the AT with @ and remove the spaces.) Please include your name, firm name, address and telephone number. You are also welcome to call us for the CD at 1-800-326-6686

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