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Project a worker's or spouse's Social Security benefits. What does early retirement cost somebody? Will it help to increase wages before retirement? How much will benefits increase with delayed retirement?

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     You can use this program for Financial Planning, Tax Planning and Litigation Support.

     As your client base ages, you will be getting more questions about Social Security benefits.  What happens if I retire early or late?  What happens if I work after retiring?  What is the affect of increasing my wages before retiring?  How is my spouse's Social Security influenced by my Social Security?

     Will paying more wages out of my S Corporation increase my Social Security benefits?

     The Summary Report gives you projected benefits for the following ages in a report that is excellent to present to your clients:

  1. The earliest Social Security retirement year, currently 62.
  2. The first retirement year, currently 70, where Social Security benefits are not reduced for working.
  3. The Normal retirement year, currently 65, or any other retirement year.

     Without this program, you can spend two to four hours calculating Social Security benefits for just one year.  This program can do the same calculations in seconds.

     You can build off-season fees with Social Security Planning.  Your accounting work is probably more seasonal than ever before. Since the actual calculation, without this program, of Social Security benefits can be so difficult, you have a better chance of using value billing with this type of work.  This program will pay for itself in the first or second use.

     Most clients over 50 will be interested in their Social Security benefits.  This is a program which can make you money every month of the year.



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Current Version: SSP2022.10

Released: October 31, 2021.

Includes 2022 factors. These factors include the cost of living adjustment (COLA) 5.9%, average wage index, wage limit ($147,000), retirement earnings test amounts and PIA bend points.



For more comprehensive information, you can download the program's


Starting Social Security benefits early or late can make a $10,000 to $40,000 difference over a lifetime.  If you have had low earnings years (or no earnings years), postponing starting Social Security might make a big difference. If you would like us to make these calculations for you, call 1-800-326-6686.

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