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What is TWAIN?
What does "TWAIN" stand for?

ADF Department Scanners:

Fujitsu 5110C  (Street $700)
Fujitsu 6230 Flatbed (Street $1,280)
Fujitsu 6130 High Performance (Street $876) Cleaner F1 = Isopropyl alcohol
Fujitsu 6140 High Performance (Street $1,500)
Canon DR2580C (Street $800)

Staff Scanners:

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 with FineReader & Acrobat [Includes FineReader] (Street $450)
Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Limited Software [No FineReader] (Street 260)
Visioneer Road Warrior (Street $180)
Xerox Travel Scanner 100 (Includes TWAIN) (Street $169)
Canon DR-2010C (Street $400)

OCR & Scanner Software:

OmniPage (Street $122)
OmniPage Pro (Direct $440)
FineReader (Direct $399) - Old versions OK!
FineReader (Competitive Upgrade $180 - Choose Upgrade)
VRS Kofax
Cogniview PDF to Excel ($129)

PDF Generators

Acrobat (Street $275; might be bundled with computer or scanner)
PDF Creator (open source)
Primo PDF (free)


Ergonomics - Chair Specifications (Ascent Therapy 720-529-4802)
Cornell Guidelines


Online Backup

MozyPro (Iron Mountain)

Backup Software

NTI Backup 5.5


BlackArmor encrypted external hard drive

Give Aways

Individual Template
Subsequently Corrected PDF stamp file
Disk Space Estimate - ROUGH!

Other Paperless Links

Record Retention
Start a wiki from
Start a wiki from
Windows 7 Editions
Windows Shortcut Keys
CD Rot
What To Do With Bad CDs
Keep Your Screen Clean
All Night Accountant
Remote Desktop
SANS Institute (Security) [click "resources" link]
CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team)
Google Trends - Paperless
Source For Battery Backup Replacement Batteries
X1 Search ($50)
Basecamp for Collaboration
ShareFile - Portal System For personal demo contact Rachel (800)441-3453 x729

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