Customers praise DTS programs


"The IRA Distribution Planner paid for itself the first time I used it.
The screens are so clearly designed that I never used the manual.  The 
reports are complete and easy to understand.  You have done an outstanding 
          - Dorinda K. Kisner, C.P.A., Terra Alta, WV


"I ordered the [IRS Interest and Penalty Calculator] for one particular 
situation, and the program saved my client $20,000+ on one tax year 
computation.  Needless to say, the program paid for itself several times 
on the first case.
          - Tom Rowland, C.P.A., Memphis, TN


"The Social Security Planner enables a practitioner to quickly and
efficiently generate useful, accurate information for use in financial and
tax planning for older clients.  As a result, the practitioner and client are
able to spend more time discussing planning alternatives and solutions
regarding future earnings and benefits, and less time trying to determine
what those levels will be."
          - David A. Shalit, Taxation for Accountants, Sept. 1994


"Denver Tax Software's IRA Distribution Calculator brings much needed
automation to a previously tedious task, and the investment can easily
be recovered after a single use.  The program can play a substantial
role in building a practitioner's consulting practice, create goodwill, and
make clients aware of and reinforce the benefits of the tax planning
services offered by the practitioner."
          - Girard M. Healy, Jr., Taxation for Accountants, March 1994


"The IRA Distribution Calculator has saved us untold hours of work.
Even more important, using this program, we have caught financial
institutions making mistakes that would have cost our clients the 50%
          - Bottaini, Gallucci & O'Hanlon, P.C., Portland, OR


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